SnapSite for customer acquisition

Potential customers attracted to your Website Service are looking for one thing: a new web site.  Unlike traditional web hosting services where technical specifications are paramount, Website Service users want simplicity and to be "done already!".

SnapSite helps with the initial generation of the website design, content and publishing so new users can be live in just a few minutes with a high quality site.  They can even start for free on a generated domain and then continue with your sign-up to claim their new site.



Template Selection

Based on the SMB's business type our system will select an appropriate design template to get them going faster.  The selected design can be changed or modified at any time after sign-up but during the onboarding we do this automatically. 

Domain Configuration

The system can auto-generate a new domain for each user based on a branded domain you select.  DNS and SSL are automatically configured.  Later the user can purchase a domain in your normal flow and connect to their site.

Content Generation

One of the big challenges for a new user is how to describe their business to the intended audience.  SnapSite helps to automation this step by asking a few simple questions that they know off hand.  This gets them going without the "blank page" syndrome. 

Auto Publish

Seeing their new site live can be even faster by optionally using the auto-publish feature.  Since the hosting, domain, SSL and content are automated we can also publish and shown them the new site right away.  

CloudStore Integration

The Topline CloudStore fully supports the SnapSite workflow allowing for self-serve from customer acquisition to payments (via Stripe) and subscription management.  This branded interface can also sell your other online or offline services.

DIY Editable

With SnapSite the generated website is fully editable in the Yola Sitebuilder allowing the user to make unlimited changes in the simple DIY interface.  Login access is via our branded authentication or SSO from your UI via REST API.

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