Cloud Services: Simplified

Topline makes the connection between leading SaaS vendors and a global network of reseller partners.

For our resellers, the SBS Platform simplifies launching multiple products via a single API, UI and contract, translating into faster time to market with far less internal resources.

Our vendors benefit from Topline's expertise in partner integrations providing the challenging "last mile" connection, through a single integration point to our platform for full automation.  

For over 20 years we have grown and adapted to the changing market and opportunity. Now some of the largest Telcos, Webhosts and ISPs in the world rely on the Topline platform and Cloud Store to offer best-in-breed products to their SMB customers.

  • Our approach

    Market driven and inspired by the technology, we select B2C vendors proven to help SMBs succeed online and deeply integrate them into our platform. We focus on products with intrinsic and successful DIY capabilities, and layer in DIFM services to reach an even broader market.

  • Our expertise

    We focus on reducing friction for the reseller, vendor and the end user customer at every stage, through simplified processes, interfaces and automation. Flexible integration options support many popular platforms allowing our system to fit your business.


SBS is a cloud brokerage platform delivering SMB web solutions in a white label, n-tier, API driven strategy. Normalizing the business rules, APIs and processes of our vendors reduces your go to market complexity.


End-to-End User Interface

Admin Portal

White Labeling

Site Migrations


Featured Products

Each of our vendors are selected after an extensive competitive analysis, bringing your customers the best DIY and DIFM solutions available.


Mobile-First Sitebuilder

Build, edit and publish from your mobile. Modern, responsive, site designs can be FTP published or SSL hosted for you.

Why Yola?


Local SEO and Reviews

Be found when consumers are near by and looking to purchase. Read and respond to reviews in a single interface.

Why Uberall?


Professional Fulfillment

Managed Services add-on for all of our SaaS offerings, delivered in your brand. DIFM sites, migrations and onboarding.

Why Virket?

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