Migration Module

Customer first: Partner customized

Topline provides a flexible migration process to support your business goals while always providing a first class experience to your customers.

Whether offered to a legacy site builder user base, or as a new user acquisition tool, your customers will have the customized care they deserve but still at a very affordable price point.

Why a "customer first" strategy? Satisfied migration customers tend to have lower churn & support loads, plus higher upgrade rates.


Process Automation

Our Migration Module automates the multi-stage process of migration and simplifies exception handling. A customizable Migration Definition configures the stages for each of your use cases, so each migration flow is tailored to your goals and those of the specific base. These Definitions are then used to automate the process and UIs.

Realtime interfaces

The platform provides a task oriented UI for each stakeholder, to allow for everything from an overview of the entire migration project, down to the details for each site. Available in SBSmanager for your internal users, plus via a branded Migration Dashboard to your end user customers to keep them in the loop at each stage.

SSO Intercept for customers

Introduce the new migration options to your customers when they login to the legacy builder. We automatically display the available packages you've selected and drive them to purchase on your site. Or they can continue with the legacy builder if it is still available.

See example below


DIY, JumpStart and full DIFM services can all be provided seamlessly in parallel. This provides your customers with options to choose the service that fits them best. Plus it's simple to change between the them.

EOL services

For users that are not actively accessing their legacy builder we have EOL (end of life) migration services that can perform a no-touch mass migration of sites at a low cost volume fee.

Transparent options for your customers

Migration Dashboard

The Legacy builder login from your control panel resolves to our Migration Dashboard. This lets the user continue to the Legacy builder or select a migration option.

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